To add a new item, go to the ‘items list’ submodule and click ‘add’. Fill in the form that pops up.

Let’s have a look at a few of these fields.

If this item can be paid for with loyalty points, enable the checkbox and define what percentage of the item value can be paid for in points. By default, this is set to one hundred percent.

You can also create options for each item.
For example, here we’ll add two different groups of options.
The first group will be mandatory to select – for a coffee that would be the cup size. Here we’ll use small, medium and large sizes.
We’ll set this option group as mandatory.

Now we’ll create some optional options – milk and sugar. Because this group is optional the cashier can choose one, several, or none of the options in this group. We can also set limits to the options – here, we’ll allow only one serving of milk but unlimited servings of sugar.
This type of optional group is especially handy for food and drink orders such as pizza toppings or double-strength cocktails.
Once done, hit save.

This is how the item will look in the POS terminal app.
First, we click on coffee, and immediately the terminal asks us for the cup size – this step can’t be skipped. Adding the milk and sugar is next, and optional. We’ll go for one serving of milk and two sugars.

Another key setting for items and options is the recipe function. This means our inventory is always accurate and up-to-date when selecting various items and options.
Let’s make simple recipe.
When done, we’ll tap save.