About Event Messages

Notification Center supports the event-driven messaging. If an event fired in Mobile app, Notification Center sends an automatic message with detailed information or instructions. For example, if a customer clicked the “Forgot Password?” link,┬áNotification Center automatically sends instructions on how to reset the password.

Supported Event Types

Notification Center supports processing the following events:

  • Forgot Password: a customer clicked the “Forgot Password?” link in their Mobile app.
  • Registration Confirm: a customer installed Mobile app.
  • Password Changed: a customer sent a request to change their password.
  • Receipt Sent: a receipt has been sent to a customer.
  • Purchase Order Email Sent: a purchase order has been made out and sent to a vendor.

How to Configure Event Messages

To configure an event message

  1. In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Notification Center node, and then click Event Messages.
  2. In the right (details) pane, click the event message to configure.
  3. Complete the message settings form and click Update:

TIP: The event message settings form is similar to that for manual messages. For instructions on how to complete this form, see Configuring Manual Messages.

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