This page allows you to configure POS Terminal apps for working with printers, such as the receipt printers or kitchen printers.

Configure Print Settings

To open the Printing Settings screen

  • In the POS Terminal application menu, click Settings, and then click Printing Settings:

To configure the print settings, use the following elements:

  • Print Receipt After Payment: select to print a receipt after order payment. 
  • Print Copy of Receipt After Payment: select to print a receipt copy after order payment. 
  • Print Kitchen Receipt After Order Start: select to the kitchen receipt after starting the order.
  • Print Kitchen Receipt After Payment: select to print a kitchen receipt on approprite kitchen printers after order payment.
  • Enable Printing Order Number on a Separate Receipt: select to allow you to print the order number on a separate receipt.
  • Printing Kitchen Receipt on Receipt Printer after Payment:  select to print the specified number of the kitchen receipt copies on the specified receipt printer.
    NOTE: Select the number of copies from the provided list.
  • Print ZReport after End Shift: select to print ZReport after ending shift.

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