This topic describes X-Reports – the reports on cash transactions performed by the employee during the current shift.

Viewing X-Reports

To view X-reports

  • Open the POS Terminal application menu, and then tap Reports
    POS Terminal displays a report similar to the following screen:

This report provides the following information on financing operations (the list is not complete):

  • Initial Day Amount: an initial cash balance.
  • Cash: a sum of the cash payments.
  • Card: a sum of the card payments.
  • Refunded: displays the refunded payments amount.
  • Total Taxes: displays the tax payment.
  • Total Tips: tips amount added to the cash drawer.
  • Total Cash in: a cash amount added to the cash drawer.
  • Total Cash out: a cash amount removed from the cash drawer.
  • Withdrawn: displays the cash collection amount.
  • Expected Amount: displays the expected cash amount.

NOTE: To print this X-Report, tap the Print icon on the bottom menu bar. The report will be sent to the printer that you have configured in the Hardware settings.

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