About Modifiers

Modifiers allow you to customize the details of an item. For example, if you are selling a burger, you may want to give your customers the ability to choose what toppings they want on their item.  In this scenario, a topping is a modifier, and POS Terminal or Mobile application allows you to add the modifier price to the burger price.

In another scenario, you are selling products that have different pricing for sizes: for example, you have a base product of a small cup of coffee for $2.00 and the medium size for $2.50. To implement this scenario, you can also use a modifier with price of $0.50.

Types of Modifiers

YumaPOS supports two types of modifiers Related modifiers and General modifiers

Related modifiers are assigned to a particular item. When you order that item, POS Terminal or Customer Mobile application prompts you to select assigned modifiers.

Note: If an item has assigned modifiers, the item is reffered to as the base item.

The modifier price will be added to the base item price.

Note: If necessary, you may make related modifiers mandatory. Mandatory modifiers should be added to your order if  that order includes the base items. For more information on how to work with related modifiers, see  How to Assign Modifiers to the Menu Items.


The cup sizes are related modifiers. You should select a cup size while adding a cup of coffee to a customer order.

How to Create

You can create Related modifiers while creating or editing menu items. For more information, see “Add New Menu Item” in Items List.

General Modifiers

General modifiers can be optionally selected while ordering items using POS terminal or Customer Mobile application.


You can make the sugar or milk general modifiers for coffee. When a customer orders a cup of coffee, you can optionally add sugar or milk to this order.

How to Create

You can create general modifiers on the Modifiers List page of Back Office Management console (for details, see Modifiers List).

To facilitate the use of modifiers, YumaPOS lets you create the groups of modifiers. A modifier group includes a set of similar modifiers, such as toppings, sauces, etc.  For more information, see Modifiers Groups.

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